Top 7 F&B Franchise Business Opportunities in India

There are many great food and beverage (F&B) franchise opportunities available in India, and the best choice for you will depend on your interests, budget and location. Some popular F&B franchises in India include:

1. Xero Degrees: This is a well-known chain of American Food Cafes with a strong presence in India. Having touched impossible numbers in 4 years, this venture has become home to bellies craving French fries, cheesy pizza slices, and mouth-watering drinks. Fries in a jar full of cheese and peri-peri sounds like a perfect blend of taste and soul. So, don't fill your belly until it’s Xero Degrees.

2. Domino's Pizza: A global leader in the pizza industry is what defines this franchise group of baked pizzas. The perfect amount of toppings and cheese makes it a people friendly preference. With customizations and affordability, Dominos remains one of the best in race. 

3. KFC: This fast food chain is popular worldwide and has a growing presence in India. The Kentucky chicken is the focus point of this fast food restaurant. It is not just a hub for fried chicken but also serves vegetarian items like Zinger burgers which has added to their flourishing business in India.  

4. Subway: This is a popular chain of sandwich shops with a wide range of customizations. From a small submarine sandwich shop to one of the most booming sandwich outlets, Subway has catered to all generations by just serving sub sandwiches and salads with a wide variety of customization options.

5. Belgian Waffle: This franchise started off as the first waffle specialist in India in 2015. To stand out from the rest, this eatery came up with a concept of “on-the-go” waffles. Being a brand with products being prepared eggless and with zero preservatives is what has made it a global leader in the industry.

6. Chaayos: Indians come with the quality of being chai lovers. Some want extra milk while others want extra ginger. So, in order to fulfil their needs, Chaayos introduced an idea called “Meri Wali Chai” which became their stone of success. Along with providing Chai in eco-friendly disposable kettles, this place became a hub for all the chai lovers.

7. McDonald's: This is a multinational fast food chain which has its layover in more than 100 countries including India. The hot selling products of this restaurant include fries, hamburgers and cheese burgers. Affordability and customizations in the food is what makes it reachable to all the strata of the society.

It's important to do your research and carefully consider the costs and potential return on investment before choosing a franchise to invest in. It's also a good idea to speak with franchises of the brands you are considering, to get a better understanding of what it's like to operate the franchise.